Deed Information

         What is (TAPU) Title Deed?

         TAPU is a document confirming the right of ownership to the acquired real estate in Turkey. It is this document that confirms the transaction and only after it is obtained you are recognized as the full owner of the Turkish real estate.

          What kind of data are specified in the TAPU?

1 — Province
2 — City
3 — District
4 — Settlement
5 — Street
6 — Locality
7 — Map Section
8 — Plot Number on Map
9 — Parcel Number on Map
10 — Type of Property
11 — Photo
12, 13, 14 — Measurements
15 — Boundary limit
16 — Ownership of real property rights for land and the finished building on the land
17 — Ownership of real property rights for land and the unfinished building on the land
18 — Time share. Fractional/timed ownership (the independent unit is owned just for a certain period of a year)
19 — Purchase price
20 — Type of Property (“Building” or “building land”)
21 — Share in land shown as Share/Total
22 — Block (Building, Mansion) Number
23 — Floor Number
24 — Apartment, house number
25 — The reason why the property is being acquired (for example, ‘Sales’, ‘Donation’ or ‘Legacy’. Including the particulars of the buyer and seller)
26 — Name of Owner or Owners (more than one person can own the same property; in this case, their respective shares are to be shown in this section)
27— First coordinate of the location of the sales contract in the Public Registry
28 — Page No. Second coordinate of the location of the sales contract in the Public Registry
30 — Entry No. Third coordinate of the location of the sales contract in the Public Registry
31 — Date of registration
32 — Transaction Number (each transaction is assigned a unique number)
33 — Number in the cadastral register
34 — Date of the transfer of the title (registration of the TAPU)
35 — The signature of the Head of the TAPU Office or a person authorized to sign on his or her behalf.

The only official state body performing and controlling the processing of paperwork for purchased real estate in Turkey is the Office of Cadastre and TAPU. This organization is the state guarantor of legality and transparency of the transaction.

After the conclusion of the contract and the implementation of all the procedures necessary to start the registration of real estate, the agency, by the client’s attorney, issues his documents to the office of the TAPU and Cadastre of the city and region where the property was acquired.

After the arrival of positive responses from the relevant inspection bodies for foreign citizens and the payment of the relevant taxes and duties, the Buyer receives a master document, recording the title to the property (TAPU), confirming that the transfer of title from the seller to the new owner has been performed.

          There are red and blue TAPU’s.

A blue TAPU can have different legal meanings:

  • Farmland
  • Building land
  • Building land (there’s already a house on the plot)
  • A blue TAPU is not a common hold

A red TAPU is for a common hold. You get a red TAPU if you buy an apartment in an apartment complex or a house in a project. Most foreigners who buy a house in Turkey will receive a red TAPU.

There are 2 types of red TAPU’s. The first red TAPU is of the type ‘Irtifaki Kat’. This type indicates that you legally own the land and the unfinished building. You receive the second red TAPU at the end of the buying process when you sign the contract at the TAPU office. This TAPU is of the type ‘Kat Mülkiyeti’ and indicates that you are the legal owner of the land and the finished building.

TAPU, the title, means the establishment of a timeless and absolute right of ownership, which, after the conclusion of the purchase and sale contract, may not be challenged by anyone at court. One or more individuals or legal entities may be real estate owners.


          What is ISKAN?

ISKAN — certificate of state acceptance of property into operation (permission to use the property)

Since 2014, developers have been obliged to commission real estate and receive a document called ISKAN.

Along with this requirement control was introduced. Now, without ISKAN, it is impossible to connect a new property to the city water supply system, power supply network, as well as to the gas pipeline. But not all developers adhere to the law. And unfortunately, there are still many objects on the market that do not have ISKAN. That is why, for your own safety when buying property in Turkey, it is important to work with a professional company that will save you from unpleasant surprises when buying property.

STEP IN checks all documents and sells ready-made projects only with ISKAN, and projects under construction only from trusted developers, with whom they have been working for many years and which have commissioned many objects.

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