Buyers Guide


If you want to buy property, then the free presentation tour from STEP IN is a very convenient solution. We invite you to take a trip during which you will learn the real estate market and select a suitable property.

          What is included in a free presentation tour?

  • Meeting at our office or place convenient for you, where you will tell about your wishes.
  • Work of a personal manager: professional advice on the regions of country, real properties and developers.
  • Presentation of objects that meet your requirements and wishes.
  • Tour of the properties you like.
  • Introduction to documents, signing the sales contract and the beginning of the registration of the title to the property if you have decided to purchase a property you liked.


  1. Selecting real estate on STEP IN website

On our site you will find the largest selection of high-quality properties. You can select properties meeting your needs yourself, or you can contact one of our consultants, leaving a request for the selection of property. Our specialists will quickly select suitable properties and contact you.

  1. Arriving for a free survey tour

STEP IN offers a unique opportunity to visit the properties you like in any quantity and for free with one of our realtors. Arriving at a site inspection allows you to visually see, evaluate the quality, familiarize yourself with the infrastructure and the surrounding area.

  1. Transaction formalities

Before completing transaction formalities, the selected property will be fully audited. Our experts will check the presence of all permits and registration documents, as well as the absence of encumbrances and court decisions for the property.

A purchase and sale contract is signed between a real estate agency that performs the sale of a certain property and the buyer, or a tripartite agreement between the seller of the property, the buyer and the agency may be signed. The data on the buyer, seller, real estate agency which is the guarantor of your transaction, as well as information on the property being acquired, price of the property and terms of payment are indicated in the contract.

  1. Payment

Payment for property is carried out in accordance with the concluded contract of sale. The transfer is carried out through banks or private financial structures of funds (both with the help of foreign currency exchange and without).

  1. Obtaining the title

After the payment of the relevant taxes and duties, the Buyer receives a master document, recording the title to the property (TAPU), confirming that the transfer of title from the seller to the new owner has been performed. TAPU, the title, means the establishment of a timeless and absolute right of ownership, which, after the conclusion of the purchase and sale contract, may not be challenged by anyone at court. One or more individuals or legal entities may be real estate owners.


          Documents provided by STEP IN:

  • Licenses and registration documents for real estate activities
  • Legal documents concerning the right of (foreign) citizens to acquire properties
  • All the documents related to the selected property, the data on the presence of any encumbrances, liens or mortgages
  • Sale contract with a translation into your native language
  • Full set of constituent documents of the construction company or the data on the seller of the real estate, when it comes to purchasing real estate in the secondary market

          Documents that company STEP IN will help prepare for you:

  • Tax number (the obtaining of the individual tax number requires your personal presence and the availability of your foreign passport; the registration procedure will take 10 – 20 minutes)
  • Color photos for the documents (4 photos will be needed: for a certificate of ownership of property, for the Cadastral register, 2 more photos for a notary)
  • Translation of your foreign passport (a sworn translator will prepare a translation according to a standard form for the TAPU Office and notarize it at a notary’s office)
  • Power of attorney (if you can’t be present when you receive TAPU yourself, the staff of our agency will do it for you with the help of a notarized power of attorney, which the company’s representatives will need to perform all the necessary procedures and actions to transfer the ownership of your name, as well as the registration of water and electricity, connecting the phone and the Internet)


          One-time costs when processing TAPU

  • The tax at the registration of title is 4.0% of the value of property, which is listed in TAPU. Its payment is made in the state bank, the expenses are paid by the buyer and seller. It depends on the price and conditions. Sometimes the buyer paid all costs.
  • Costs associated with the registration of title to property (translation and notarization of passport, issuance of the power of attorney, various contributions), as a rule, do not exceed $ 120.

          One-time expenses for utilities

Connecting electricity on average will be $ 50 (in the case of purchasing a new building) or a transfer of a subscriber’s account to another username – $ 20 (secondary housing market); water services / water supply – $ 55 (for new buildings).

          Annual maintenance costs of real estate

  • The housing fund tax is 0.3 – 0.4% per year, of the value of the object indicated in TAPU. The tax can be paid in two equal installments (the first installment – until the end of May, the second – until the end of November).
  • A waste tax is also determined, currently the total amount does not exceed $ 10

Payment of utilities (electricity and water) are made monthly according to the indications of individual meters. Estimated cost: water ~ 4 lira / cube; electricity ~ 0.39 lira / kWh

  • The cost of services for maintenance of the complex (AIDAT) ranges from $ 7 to $ 45 (the latter for houses with heating or complexes with a developed infrastructure).
  • Compulsory earthquake insurance – Calculated from the square of the property and the amount of coverage and is approximately $ 10 – 50 per year.

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