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               Before Sales Services                                                         

Airport transfers and hotel arrangements, if required

Arrange viewing tours to find your dream property

Explaining to you the purchasing procedures in detail to erase all the question marks in your mind

We do our best to find the optimal investment and an enjoyable asset for you

Assisting you to get a mortgage if required

Preparing all the legal documents and the sales contract

Arranging an appointment with a Lawyer (Solicitor), if required

Assistance and guidance on your property tax matters

Arranging appointments with notary public for power of attorney and a translator for your convenience

               After Sales Services

We provide your title deed (TAPU) transfer

Registering the property under your name when the application is submitted back from the authorities

Assisting you to get your tax number from the Tax Office

Registering for electricity, water and phone line

Assisting you to open a bank account and informing you about the local banking system

Recommendation on buying furniture and all other house appliances

Advice on property insurance (theft, earthquake, storm etc)

Recommendation on car rentals and arranging your airport transfers

By law, companies providing real estate services in Turkey can charge 4% + VAT from the seller and the buyer.


A valuation report contains:

  • The title deed information
  • Location on map and location information
  • Actual photos
  • Similar property prices
  • Price prediction of the property
  • Checking the debt condition, technical condition check at the municipality and at Land Registry and Cadastre General Directorate

A property appraisal report may contain more qualifications and conditions according to your demand and your property features. These experts prepare you appraisal reports generally one of Below three different methods depending on the qualification of the real estate: Comparison of the Precedents Method – the property is compared between several similar properties. Income Method – considering the net income flow of a property; Cost Method – rebuilding of the same structure under present economical conditions.

Appraisers are authorized and licensed to prepare below kinds of reports:

  • House / villa valuation or apartment valuation
  • Commercial buildings, offices, stores, shopping mall valuation, and shop
  • valuation
  • Agricultural land, plots, parcels, and land valuation
  • Hotel valuation
  • Urban Renewal valuation (Kentsel Dönüşüm Değerleme)
  • Mine valuation, Gas Station valuation
  • Ship, marine, yacht valuation, plane valuation
  • Trade Mark valuation
  • Company valuation

The real estate appraisal report is prepared within 3 – 7 working days. The average cost of this service is $ 150 – 200


Rent or rent out your property

The most important thing is to choose the right professional real estate agency, which will help you make everything safe and secure.

STEP IN will do the following:

  • Prepare the lease agreement and all necessary related documents correctly
  • Arrange a tenant and monitor your house while you are away
  • Collect the monthly rent for you and transfer it to your bank account, if needed
  • Ensure the utility bills (electricity, water, etc) and maintenance of the complex
  • fees are paid in full and on time
  • Look after your house when a tenant is moving out and will find a new one

You can rent a property both for short period for recreation and for a long  period for living. We also provide furnished apartments, commercial premises and even land plots. By your request – location, area, price category, etc. – we will find the best option for you. The company STEP IN arrange a contract between the tenant and the owner of the property, and arranges all the necessary organizational matters. If you would like to rent out your property, please, contact us and we will arrange all the formalities required. We will take pictures of your property and prepare contracts between you and the tenant.

Rental services fees:

  • The cost of Finding a tenant is equal to the one months rent which is paid by the tenant (the One-time Service Package includes: paperwork for the property; preparation of the lease agreement; assistance with the settlement).
  • The cost of a Management Service is 10% of the monthly rental price of the property (the Full Service Package includes: paperwork for the property; assistance in settling the tenant; collecting the rent and transferring to the owner’s bank account, if the owner wishes we can check that the bills for electricity, water and maintenance of the complex are paid in full and on time, we will look after the property and when the tenant moves out we will find a new one).

You are welcome to contact STEP IN if you want to rent or find a tenant.


  1. Legal Research of the Property

Depending on the country in which you decide to buy a property, the procedures for buying a property may vary. Since this is a very important step, we advise you, first of all, to choose a reliable real estate agency with many years of experience working with foreigners, like STEP IN.

A lawyer will help you verify the correctness of the drafting of documents, will make a legal report for the complete purity of the transaction and your confidence.

a) After you have made a decision on the acquisition of real estate, a lawyer makes an initial check at the registry office of the certificate of title to ownership of the grounds for:

b) Solicitors also examine these related licenses:

  1. Reservation Contract and Deposit Payment

Reservation contract secures the property on the client's name and confirms the agreed sales price and terms. It also shows that the payment made as deposit payment secures the agreed terms on the contract.

  1. Property Purchasing Contract in Turkey

If the purchase agreement includes the terms already agreed by the parties, then the lawyer will draw up a sales contract based on it.

If the contract has not been prepared in advance, and the conditions have not yet been agreed, the lawyer will prepare a sale contract in accordance with the interests of all parties, legitimizing their requirements.

If the contract has already been prepared, the lawyer will review it for compliance with the laws of the country and in order to avoid infringing upon any rights of the client.

This service is provided by our company for free. The price of an independent lawyer in Turkey is about $ 500.

STEP IN and partners offer their services in insuring any type of object

 Insurance Covers Damages from:

Fire, lightning, explosion, theft, strike, riot, civil commotion, flood, vehicle and aircraft impact, internal water, smoke, storm, heavy snow, landslide, inflation, common property cover, painting and whitewash made by tenants, direct damage from fuel leakings, accidental breakage for home furnishings, personal accident insurance, third party liability insurance, private sport equipments insurance, insurance for legal protection, removing expenses, rent cover and expenses for post-earthquake, covers for outdoor trees and decoration plants, new value clause for home furnishing, home and emergency assistance.

Optional Choices of Property Insurance in Turkey:

Earthquake and volcanic eruption, sea vehicles impact, glass breakdown, electronic equipment insurance, liability arising from fire, explosion, loss of rent, expenses for the removing your place because of loss, liability arising from fire and explosion.

The cost of insurance depends on the object of insurance and its value. On the average varies from $ 50 to $ 150.

What is DASK?

DASK (Doğal Afet Sigortaları Kurumu) is an obligatory earthquake insurance polis. You may not get a new water or electricity abonnement without this obligatory insurance of the property in Turkey. The other insurance covers earthquake risc after DASK polis.


Assistance in purchases of furniture, electronics and other small household items for your home

Creating coziness and comfort in a house is quite a pleasant, but, at the same time, very troublesome process, because sometimes even the smallest detail can play a major role in the interior of your new home, which is why it is so important to arrange together all your wishes, and in this our company’s specialists will be glad to help you.

With extensive experience in real estate and designing, as well as established liaisons with the best shops of the city, we will be able to offer you a wide variety of options for selecting furniture and household appliances according to your wishes at best prices.

To create your own inimitable interior, you can also order a non-standard variant of furnishing, as for us, we will offer you the services of experienced professionals, who will help you make your dreams come true.

Our staff will help you with the delivery, installation, assembly and decoration of the furniture and household appliances in your absence, which will allow you to save time and to cross the threshold of a house that is already completely ready for comfortable living.


STEP IN in cooperation with rental companies, offers you a quality car / boat rental service. There is a wide range of choices depending on your preferences and in different price categories.

Renting with the help of our company you get:

Payment can be made in cash or non-cash payment during the signing of the contract (translated into your preferred language) or upon receipt of a rented vehicle. At your request, it is possible to provide a car with a driver, and a boat with or without a crew.

The rental price depends on the chosen vehicle. Contact us for more information.


Transfer and meeting at the airport for you and your guests

We wish that as soon as you come out of the airplane you are able to feel the atmosphere of comfort and joy from your arrival in your new home. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you the service of meeting you and your family at the airport, as well as transfer to the airport on the day of departure. Providing the transfer service, we guarantee safety, punctuality and comfort.

Depending on your preferences and needs, we will select for you the best option of a car, and at the airport you will be met by an experienced driver, whom you will be able to easily identify by the plate with the logo of our company and your first and last names.

Our staff neatly monitor the time of your airplane arrival, taking into account possible delays, ensuring thereby a high punctuality.

At your request, additional booster chairs may be installed in cars. If you are transporting any non-standard luggage or pets, please, let us know before the trip, in this case, we will select the most appropriate vehicle.

The cost of the service depends on the class of the car chosen by you and additional service. The average is $ 70.